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    Item Code: BXV0F-130BK

    Model: VENUM-1234

    VENUM MMA BAG BOTTLE DESIGN – FILLED: The Venum MMA bag is designed for the combat athlete in order to simulate a real opponent, always available, without risk of injuries. Especially designed to allow you to mimic movement in a fight including holds, slams, throws and ground-and-pound techniques. Built with premium and hard-wearing Skintex leather the Venum MMA bag will permit you to perfect, over and over, MMA techniques and at the same time, build the strength and endurance required to win your fights. Featuring double sturdy handles and a shaped waist, the Venum MMA bag offers strong grip benefits. It challenges the entire body muscles, with an unlimited range of motions instead of repetitive movement with barbells or dumbbells. Its high-density foam offers perfect impact absorption in order to enhance your punching power.

    Available in several sizes, from 90cm to 130cm, the Venum MMA bag delivers an optimal surface and permits you to train all your striking arsenal: Punch, Kick, Elbow/Knee strikes.

    An undeniably MMA training equipment must-have, the Venum MMA bag is also brilliant to use in conditioning workouts. Increasing not only your raw strength and power, the Venum MMA bag challenges cardio-vascular capacity by simulating the many moves you will use in a real fight. Offering versatility the Venum MMA will allow you to repeat your game plans, improve your MMA techniques, and enhance your combos and transitions.