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    Brand: JOINFIT

    Barcode : EAJ1Y-00BK
    High quality Olympic Barbell Collars weight spring plate plastic barbell clips
    BD 4.030
    i h

    Item Code: EAJ1Y-00BK

    Model: P.0.003B

    • Olympics Barbell Collars feature a patented locking mechanism designed to hold tight on repeated drops. More secure than most traditional spring clips, these barbell collars are also easier to both lock-on and remove.Olympics Barbell Collars fit most Olympics weightlifting bars, as well as many specialty bars like the Axle, MG-1, and more.
    • Olympics Barbell Collars have smooth nylon contact surfaces so they won’t damage your plates or bars, no matter how long you use them. Repeatedly tested at the highest level in CrossFit Games competition and at high-end strength and conditioning facilities.
    • Solid injection molded frame, high quality and durable.
    • Single-action cam lock, easy and fast.
    • Permanent spring snap-latch keeps the collar secured on the bar.
    • Fits all 2" Olympic barbells sleeves.
    • Best choice for group exercise.
    • Exceptional durability.
    • Will not damage chrome coatings
    • Very strong.
    • Materials: Solid Nylon Resin Construction