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    Brand: JOINFIT
    BD 36.300
    i h


    Item Code: EPJ03-2KG to EPJ03-20KG

    Model: EPJ03-20KG

    • Dumbbells – If you’re looking for something more robust and resilient than the adjustable type dumbbells, you may want to look at the standard hex dumbbell sets. These are commonly sold as a single dumbbell or in a set and can stand up to drops and other abuses better that the adjustable type. They are also better suited for when you are performing quick circuits or floor exercises such as the pushup row. You don’t have to worry about adjusting the weights during short rest times and they will hold your body weight better that the adjustable types.
    • The hex dumbbell design is a go-to standard, also the rubber coated version is excellent for protecting floors and the occasional bump with another dumbbell. Rubber coated is always preferred over the non-coated version because they also provide traction on hard floors when doing exercises such as the pushup row.
    • Dumbbells from Joinfit Gym Grade Hex Headed & Rubber Coated Series combine one-piece cast heads with steel inserts, bolted onto the handle. Then the bolt is welded to secure the head for extra durability and safety.
    • The rubber coated dumbbells will never rotate like the conventional dumbbells on the market. The one piece design offers many benefits, this series are smaller than conventional ones and accurate in weight. Furthermore, molded end caps with numbers permanently marked prevent stickers from coming off during use. In 2.5 kg increments – Extensive weight range that can fits all kinds of fitness training programs .