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    Brand: JOINFIT
    BD 4.320
    i h

    Item Code: RPJ02-10GY

    Model: J.R.027A

    Joinfit Anti-break Resistance Ropes With Handle is a versatile training tool, allowing for the performance of a wide variety of exercises to target the main muscle groups: chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, and legs. The nature of the resistance also generally poses a much lower injury risk comparative to traditional free-weight (barbell and dumbbell) exercises.

    Resistance (strength) training for many years was considered to be all about weights but the advent of core and functional training meant we needed to invent new ways of targeting muscles – the Joinfit Anti-break Resistance Ropes With Handle enables you to perform quick and effective toning and strength exercises every day with minimum delayed muscle fatigue.

    10 years ago resistance tubes were a joke, they weren’t adjustable and didn’t offer enough resistance to challenge muscles but the Joinfit Anti-break Resistance Ropes With Handlere-invents this product so now even the fittest athlete can benefit from the dynamic and versatile moves that we perform using the Power Tube

    • Resistance tube nylon sleeve is of commericial quality and are used by personal trainers, professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide
    • Durability-nylon sleeve protects tubing from nicks, cuts, body oils, uv rays and overstretching. Can last 10 times or longer than exposed tube!
    • Safety sleeve protects user from potential injury.