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    Brand: Adidas
    BD 8.100
    i h

    Item Code: BSM2M-3BK to BSM2M-3BK

    Model: ADBL-10222

    The Adidas Slam Ball takes your fitness to a whole new level. This weighted slam ball is an ideal way to build explosive strength, improve muscular endurance, increase speed and response time as well as strengthen and tone a wide variety of muscles. Exercising with a slam ball also burns calories and boosts cardio stamina. Different from medicine balls, sand-filled Adidas slam balls are specially designed to be thrown against to floor without bouncing this is key to building explosive strength. Perfect for total body and core specific conditioning, this 8kg ball is completely robust to take the full impact of the slam. Adidas Slam Balls introduce variety to your workout and challenge even the most serious athlete. Squat, lunge, sit-up or overhead press your way to increased fitness simply by holding onto the slam ball.

    • Sporting Good Category: Fitness Accessories
    • Color: Black
    • Target Group: Unisex
    • Weight: 3,5,8 kg
    • Details: Sand-filled no bounce design for slamming on solid surfaces
    • Wipe clean surface
    • Ideal for core strength and power training