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    ADIDAS Performance Ankle/Wrist Weights - 2.0Kg

    Brand: Adidas
    BD 25.500
    i h

    Item Code: EPA002-2.0KG

    Model: ADWT-12634

    • Ergonomic design with outer-facing weight pouches
    • Makes bodyweight exercises more challenging
    • Sturdy Velcro closure for additional support
    • Inner suede lining for skin comfort
    • A cast iron buckle for a tight fit
    • Ideal for muscular endurance, strength, and cardiovascular health
    • Enhances bodyweight exercises with extra resistance
    • Brand Origin: Germany
    • The Adidas Performance Ankle/Wrist Weights are a versatile addition to elevate your workout routine. Specifically crafted to intensify bodyweight exercises, these weights bring an extra dimension to your fitness journey. Offering a joint-friendly alternative to conventional weight training, these weights prioritize comfort and effectiveness.
    • The ergonomically designed weights have outer-facing pouches that easily fit around wrists or ankles to provide a secure fit without adding extra bulk. This design minimizes weight shifting during exercises, allowing you to focus on maximizing effort. The weights sit close to the skin, adorned with an inner suede lining for an irritation-free experience. The Velcro closure and cast-iron buckle provide additional support, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Ideal for enhancing muscular endurance, strength, and cardiovascular health, the Adidas Performance Ankle/Wrist Weights redefine your workout experience, making it both challenging and comfortable.